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If your goal is to meet as many women as possible on your trip, they can provide a “Romance Tour” that many members have noted was how they found their wife and soul mate.Just to be sure you are comfortable communicating with the women (and know how to make your move when you are ready), even boasts a chief romance officer and celebrity wingman, Antonio Sobato Junior.

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You can also choose to chat real time on the website, with or without live video.

If an old-fashion phone call is preferable, “Anastasia Date” also provides a phone introduction service, which can be booked in advance or used at the spur of the moment.

Once you are ready to visit one or more of these women in their beautiful country, Anastasia can provide an apartment rental service and even arrange your date.

With the new age of technology, online dating has become commonplace.

I thought I had tried every site out there, until recently when I discovered the world of international online dating.

Specifically, I have enjoyed several quality sites that provide access to the most interesting and desirable Russian women.These women are searching out international husbands not because they wish to move to another country or become a wealthy housewife, but because there are simply not enough available men in Russia (statistics taken in 2011 show that there are 10 million more Russian women than men seeking a partner for marriage).Below are several quality Russian dating site reviews, starting with my favorite: ANASTASIADATE.COM Anastasia Date was by far the best site for meeting Russian women.First, you can search and review the profiles of 20,000 quality Russian women for free.Once you are ready to communicate with a woman, you are provided a variety of options to suit your personal needs and schedule.