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She’s approached by 16-year-old Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz), who’s looking to have Meg buy some beer for her and her friends.Meg acquiesces, and then bonds with Annika and her pals over skateboarding.

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie offers up an evocative score.

And with the assistance of cinematographer Benjamin Kalsulke and production designer John Lavin, Shelton crafts a film that feels intimate and to-scale.—Brent Simon 99.

The Skeleton Twins Year: 2014 Director: Ted Manahan OK, I’ll admit it.

Here are the 100 best movies available to stream for free with Amazon Prime: 100.

Laggies Year: 2014 Director: Lynn Shelton Laggies leans into coming-of-age and romantic dramedy genre tropes, but fiddles around with them in a pleasing manner.

The film centers on Meg (Keira Knightley), a college graduate wasting her higher education.Reeling from the one-two punch of a marriage proposal by her longtime boyfriend Anthony (Mark Webber) that she’s still not sure she’s ready for and also seeing her father, Ed (Jeff Garlin), making out with a random woman at the wedding of her friend, Allison (Ellie Kemper), Meg wanders off into the night.For those of us who initially purchased an Amazon Prime membership so that we wouldn’t have to pay shipping every time we resupplied our coffee, socks or phone chargers, it can be easy to miss all the great movies that we can now watch for no additional charge.For one thing, it can be hard to wade through Amazon’s suggestions for what to spend your time on—for every classic comedy or gripping action adventure there are dozens of films that will never give you those two hours of your life back.We’ve combed through thousands of titles to select 100 of the best available as of Feb. These include serious drama and documentaries as well as comedy, horror and sci-fi.And if you still can’t find anything to watch, try one of the best TV shows available on Amazon Prime instead.