get over insecurities dating Amber heard not dating johnny depp

R22Clooney doesn't have an island and 300 Million under the mattress, but he is a bit better looking than Depp, that's true, and with Clooney you don't have to play mommy to some bratty spoiled kids.

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Let's be real, she wouldn't be with that old drunk with baggage (he doesn't even look like he showers these days) if she wasn't a fame-hungry sucky actress wanting his money, popularity and pull in the industry. I think she's a user but that is just me, I don't think she was that into her gf Tasya all that much, she was a struggling young actress who moved in with an older woman who gave her shelter & money. She's bi more like she'll fuck anything and anyone with money as long as it furthers her agenda.

I don't think she dated Crispin Glover (she said that they were just friends) but she did date this Mexican soap actor Valentino Lanus early on which definitely looks like trying to get into the industry/famous. And don't you dare insinuate he's quite the little woman with Amber at the airport isn't Tasya, I thought it was at first too, but her name is Brittany Eustis, some friend of Depp's, works in showbiz to some degree.

She didn't look so happy in the photos with him though. How much is Heard's people and/or Depp's people paying them to report that they're dating? But Depp and Amber really are dating, he took her to Japan, she was all over his kids, making sure the paps got pictures, wonder what Vanessa thinks about Amber trying to take her place?

They're posting pics of Amber arriving at an airport with Depp as proof of their relationship. Well there are still women who atest Clooney and Travolta are 100% straight. So stupid.[quote]Well there are still women who atest Clooney and Travolta are 100% straight. Amber Heard is not 'bisexual,' she is an opportunist.

Get him when he's hammered enough, and you could get him to buy you diamonds and Lamborghinis off of E-bay, if not sign a power of attorney.

I think Depp only loves his money, his kids and his booze.Everything else is just a means to maintain his level of wealth and status as a movie star. Scratch at his 2 inch pasty make up and take away his 12 rings and 15 scarves, the guy is as shallow as a muddy puddle.But if you're anyone with eyes and take a look at the pics her gf is right behind her in plain sight!!! Yes, many pretty women refer to themselves as bisexual but in reality are looking for anyone to take them on trips, pay their way, etc.If this Amber chick was pursuing an education or had some real depth to her than yeah, maybe she is a thoughtful woman who is exploring love with other women.But she's a struggling actress who is hooking up with the vile Johnny Depp, so it's quite revealing. Question is, how much money will Amber be able to squeeze out of - Pay Me ‘Stupid Money’ and I’ll Keep Making Pirates - Johnny Depp.Why do I get the impression he is stingy with his millions.