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By far the best part of is "The Positive Side", which follows every section.In it, Simone outlines for readers the means to view the trait, characteristic or behavior discussed in a positive way.

A bit of fleshing out would make it more authoritative, as would some input from women who have dated men with Asperger's (AS), other than the author herself.

Use this book as a supportive friend and it works; as a reference material however it is lacking.

(Compare Prices)Pros was written by Rudy Simone because she saw the need for such a book both in her personal and professional lives.

Each of the 22 'things' were gleaned from conversations with men suffering from Asperger's Syndrome (AS for short), from Simone's personal experiences, and from online forums that catered to folks with AS.

There is some crossover between the two parts, e.g. Also, you might wonder why a few of the resources I’ve listed aren’t specifically on sex and autism.

I believe it’s difficult to understand more about sex and autism if you don’t have good sense of what autism is to begin with.Some of the most highly regarded books on autism in general are Neuro Tribes by Steve Silberman, Uniquely Human by Barry Prizant, and anything written by Temple Grandin (I’ve listed some of her books at the end of Part 1).Because of this, the book reads more like a forum posting than an authoritative tome, and lacks hard evidence to back up Simone's findings.Still, the insights are astute, clearly written, and oftentimes shocking, as readers dating an AS man may see themselves and their relationships in a whole new, yet positive light.Some of the 'things' seemed out of place to me, as they could easily be said of many "Neurotypical" (NT) men (folks who don't have any autism-related disorders such as AS) as well.Yet many other 'things' were bang on such as, "Your AS man will not care about the things you do without him and there will be things he does not share with you".