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Tune in regularly to see different cats taking it easy out here.Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats, advocates for ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction.

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Our new series of live cams brings us into their world as they live, play, and heal through rehabilitation.

Sterilisation is the only humane and effective way of reducing and controlling large populations of stray cats.

International Animal Rescue’s vets in India and Indonesia routinely sterilise stray cats at our clinics.

Our mission is to keep cats out of shelters and get them adopted by good homes by providing novice and experienced owners alike with the important information needed to make them, and their cats, very happy. Our extensive breed profiles include the evaluation and history of key cat characteristics - amount of shedding, adaptability, behaviors - and what they mean for a potential owner. Use the Adoptable Animal Finder to check local shelters.

Once you've found the purrfect four-legged friend, take a look at our extensive lists of cat names by breed, fur color, gender, and theme.

For expert advice on a variety of topics, including training, raising kittens, cat health, product reviews, and cat body language, Cat Time has answers with submissions by notable and respected behaviorists, specialists, trainers, and veterinarians. The Cat Video is stocked with videos on everything from funny, cute, and celebrity cats to how-to and product reviews.Watch the homepage for breaking news articles and features covering the latest happenings in the cat world, product and food recalls, important legislation, health hazards, and other information that impacts cat owners.Cat Time believes in giving back to the animal community. In 2013, we donated over $30,000 to rescues and shelters through various contests and grants, including the Petties Awards, where the best in animal blogging is selected by the peer community. This area is a 2.5 acre enclosure called the Vacation Rotation where each lion and tiger gets a two week vacation out in the big play area.(Most of the big cats’ home cages are 1200 square feet to half an acre.) Look for cats by the pond, the cave, and on the platforms.