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I’m not silently seething either; I’ve come to accept his need to play.

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit estranged from my man because he feels I don’t understand his love of video games, and wishes I did.

But having him need me to see and appreciate the “depth,” “inspiration,” and “heart” he feels some games have is going too far for me.

He even wishes I would play a bit so that I would stop assuming he’s doing something shallow and meaningless.

Is it not enough that I leave him alone when he’s playing and never complain afterwards?

Help Emily find out what is going on with her boyfriend while she sets off on an adventure to rescue him.

Download the game now to your Android device or play in your browser!And help us make the world a safer place, share the game! I do my best not to make him feel controlled; letting him play when he wants to, and with his friends, etc.I don’t know if David loves gaming, but for most women I know whose men love it, it is frequently a struggle for her in some way. I laughed so hard when you said he wants you to appreciate the “depth” and “heart” that some video games have (no disrespect to men and their love of video games, that’s just that I’m a woman and that just sounds so hilarious to me) lol, anyway –Years ago, David used to play video games a lot.Whether you want to address me directly or answer it in a post is up to you, but I would LOVE if you shared your insights on how women should handle men and their love, sometimes obsession, with gaming. You’ve contributed to helping Mike and I stay as strong as we are (because don’t worry, we are still madly in love;)~Masaleen Hi, lovely Masaleen! Sometimes until late when he had to wake up at 6am the next day for work!It can be an extremely delicate subject for men, making them put up their defenses easily, so it’s not easy to deal with the issue. I feel it was his way of escaping from a job that he felt trapped in and that he hated.