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In fact, Western countries are seeing a massive growth in divorce among the rural, uneducated populace, where unemployment is rapidly rising [4].Here are the top factors that reduce the divorce in the US.Having higher incomes, intact families (in some sense Divorce can be an epidemic as children of divorced parents tend to divorce with a higher probability) and college degrees is much better to reduce divorce rates.

Many of us don't know what we want and it is not surprising that a relationship for life breaks down at some point.

Often time it also involves external factors (parents, children, society) with their own +/-.

In short, all marriages are bound to suck without an adequate foundation of compromise and support.

Divorce is far more complicated than just gender equality. Russia and Eastern Europe have way higher divorce ratios than New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Netherlands.

Think about this - Cuba & Belarus rank at the top in divorce rates. Is Russia somehow more egalitarian than the Netherlands or New Zealand?

Divorce is a socioeconomic phenomenon that depends a lot on economic growth, labor opportunities, cultural support and career movement.When economies stop growing, a lot of marriages on the edge gets pushed over the cliff.Love or arranged - marriage involves compromise and understanding.The other answers hit on an important point - divorce rates are also an indicator of gender freedom.However, they might be taking the point too far as the world's top divorced nations are not necessarily the leaders in human development [2].In fact, the only developed nation in the top 10 divorce rate is the US [3].