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This is one car I have been hanging on to for a while now.

As Patrik Wargh of Black Smoke told me, the day before the event the 300TD was involved in a pretty big accident at a Monster Energy event Teemu and his team attended in Gothenburg.

The car suffered massive damage to the passenger side wheel/suspension and they spent most of the night repairing it so it could still be entered at Gatebil.

They got it mended, but not perfectly, which is why the car sits at a bit of an angle, as you can see in the opening shot.

But I was reassured it was no big deal, as it was very much drivable and more important driftable!!

The guys at Black Smoke Racing were some of the most enthusiastic guys I met there and it really shows on this extremely fresh, unique and straight out crazy car they have built.

…and driven by Teemu Peltola, what actually makes this car quite a bit different from anything we have seen before, isn’t so much the fact that it’s a station wagon, or a Mercedes Benz for that matter, but – as the team’s name suggests – that it’s diesel powered.But for me it was the car itself that grabbed my attention.After seeing it in countless videos on You Tube and then there, at Gatebil, in front of my eyes I was very curious to check it out in detail.…and hood, but if I had to describe it I’d probably have to say it has some hearse-like “qualities” to it, hearse meets the Addams Family!There are a lot of interesting touches that are observable pretty much everywhere, like the opening cut out so that the hood can clear the rather larger turbo charger.The 1998-model OM606 3L straight-6 has now covered over 400,000 km (just under 250,000 miles) so you could say it’s well run in.