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and although several of these beautiful women are very flirtatious towards me... What I'm hoping to find out is when those of us men who are single and in search to be always be with quite the lady...

it's only because I'm always being very respectful. is having several beautiful female friends a deterent or is it a great way to let them know we're very respectful.

On several occassions there are those who would pull me out of our circle so to dance exclusively with me, but my lady friends tell me not to go for these jealous types. is it if you should pay more attention to one woman that you are interested in pursuing a meaningful relationship beyond friendship? then my answer is yes, you should offer deference to the woman that you are dating over your female friends. For a while, I've stopped letting any of them dance very close with me because some people actually thought a few of them seem as if they like me more than just friends. It appears as though you may be with women of varying maturity levels.

Now the question comes from a few suggestions I heard by a few onlookers which I'm sure there are many of us men who are wondering... Then after a few months of no longer dancing close to them, a few other started to wonder if I suddenly lost my mind. That makes for a complicated situation no matter the circumstances (mixed nuts - lol). Having ladies as friends is perfectly acceptable, but you need to understand that when pursuing a relationship with someone, you should be keeping the friends at a bit of a distance. I'm not sure what happened for it to state 21 istead of 24, but all the same, I've learned that there are some ladies even at the age of 21 that are quite mature for their age...

is it wise to stay near our female friends in which in my opinion would show that we're well-mannered? Are you speaking about the behaviour of a kitten or a cougar? If there is the inference or illusion of something more between you and one of your friends, then I would dismiss you as taken or a player... and as for those near 42, hopefully they will forgive you for that stereotype, but I know quite a number of them who naturally look like their in their mid twenties.

Neither scenario would be conducive to a relationship. In fact, when I was 16, nearly everybody twice my age really liked that they could always carry through a very meaningful conversation with me and on top of that... several of my friends and acquaintences thought she should be an exception.I was the one person most people were able to always trust, especially during highschool. It was after she decided to see if she can fashionably get more of my attention, that my male friends suddenly wanted her for themselves...A few years ago I was seeking between 27-36 until my friends saw that I turned down a young lady 21 years of age... meanwhile several of my lady friends had a total change of heart about her.I felt very flattered that she took such a huge leap from what she was wearing before which I think it was mostly because I told her a bit of my life story that made me who I am, since she asked. I heard a few calling me a player, but I only want to be in a commited relationship otherwise I wouldn't have such an open facebook to over 800 people who respect me...then again, there's probably about 20 of them who has been referred to me for publishing my artwork and some of my writing.However, I did get a whole lot of congratulations when all I did was remove my "single" status... She sort of remembered meeting me while working at the CN Tower and a once she saw what many of my friends wrote on my wall, that's when I got an inbox message that got the both of us laughing about life in general.