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The latest Dota 2 main client update delivers the reward of stretch goal # 7 - the immortal treasures.There are also a change on how tournament drops and fantasy league works.

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A lot of Dota 2 players are having a issues while spectating/watching live matches. Now go to the games library and right-click Dota 2, select properties. Then, Go to Local Files tab, click “Verify integrity of game-cache” 4.

Whenever you try to spectate a game it gives “Your map differs from the server.

Update your game.” error even though your Dota 2 client is fully updated and Steam doesn’t update it after restart. • Go to “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\maps” directory. • Go to Steam settings, Downloads + Cloud tab, change the download location to US – Seattle.

Once, it’s done, restart your Steam/Dota 2, it will start updating automatically.

As the previous patches, fixes were made on fantasy leagues.

Compendium prediction results have also been rewarded.The biggest news, however, is that the immortal treasures have been rewarded in the form of Immortal Strongboxes.There are 11 different immortal treasures, and everyone who opens their boxes is guaranteed to not have a duplicate among the first nine that they unlocked.No treasure key is needed to open the Immortal Strongbox.For comparison, there were five immortal items rewarded last year.The nine different guaranteed hero immortals are for heroes Storm Spirit, Sniper, Lion, Axe, Puck, Crystal Maiden, Windranger, Tinker and Death Prophet.