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Emma, a graduate student moves to New York for a fresh start after her recent break up with her boyfriend Alex.After getting settled into her new apartment someone begins anonymously hacking all her electronic devices and watching her through the cameras.

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To relieve some stress, Emma and her best friend, Nicole, go clubbing.

While they are out the hacker breaks into her apartment.

She returns home drunk and passes out on her couch without knowing her hacker is out on her balcony. Michael comes over later that day to see how she is doing and to give her a cat so she isn't so lonely, the two then reconcile about before and have sex.

A little while later Michael calls her and tells her someone emailed him telling him to leave Emma alone. She begins feeling isolated and depressed because there is nothing anyone can do about the situation.

During the middle of the chat Emma's power cuts off and she begins screaming.

The hacker appears and begins attacking Emma while the chat with her mom is still going.Emma's screams abruptly stop and her mom calls the cops.One day Emma comes home to find her apartment door unlocked. She tries to call Michael and tell him the news however he never answers or calls back.Feeling more vulnerable than ever Emma spends the day wandering the city so she doesn't have to be home alone.She makes plans with Nicole to hang out at Emma's apartment later so she returns home.While waiting for Nicole, Emma, and her Mom video chat.