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The only differences between the two are in price and the amount of product. J.'s palette is a whopping $42 bucks, the makeup guru's is $22 dollars.Not to mention Shannon's eyeshadow palette also includes pans of lip product on the back. so essentially the gorgeous gal's palette is a better deal? First and foremost, we would like to thank puberty for doing its job and providing us with such a fine young woman.

The boys have been working on the new album for the past three years and have totally grown up.

All of the tracks on - and Nat has cameo in it too!

The video also stars a bunch of ADORABLE puppies and who wouldn't love that?

At the ripe young age of 18, Abigail is already a seasoned movie actress having starred in hits such as ? Well, we can talk about her acting career all day long, but to cut the nonsense – we have Abigail Breslin, bleeding her own brand of sexy all over the place, in the images below.

"A black sheep is a person who doesn't really fit in because they can't and they don't really want to," defines Nat Wolff.

Last week, the brotherly duo known as Nat and Alex Wolff released their new collection of songs on their album .Nat and Alex, now 16 and 13, are straying far from singing about not wanting to go to school and banana smoothies (as they did on their first CD when they went by The Naked Brothers Band. Video: Kylie Hand Delivers Her New Eye Shadow Palette To Fans! Following controversy with the Better Business Bureau over her lip kits, Kylie has stumbled upon another scandal with her latest makeup venture, Kyshadows.The drama all started when popular beauty blogger Shannon Harris posted a side by side of her eyeshadow kit next to Jenner's.Harris simply captioned the shot with a sassy "drinking tea" emoji to imply some MAJOR shade. , it's hard to deny the similar packaging and colors of the products.