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The company claims that it will send you a t-shirt that you wear for three days straight before returning it, and in exchange you’ll receive assorted swatches of t-shirts worn by other Smell Daters just like you.

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A 17-year-old Green Bay Southwest High School student is charged with substantial battery and disorderly conduct after police say he punched a teacher in the face.

The criminal complaint states Ridwaan Mohamud went into his teacher’s classroom Monday, December 21, called out the teacher’s name, and punch the teacher in the nose, breaking two of his facial bones.

The criminal complaint says the Friday before, on December 18, Mohamud spoke to one of his teachers about being bullied by someone at school.

During that conversation, Mohamud’s teacher said, “I would date you,” as a way to explain that Mohamud was not ugly and that people would date him.

The teacher says the comment was meant to be funny.

Mohamud’s family tells Action 2 News as a man with Somalian background, the interpreted homosexual comment is extremely offensive.On Monday, Mohamud went back to school, still upset about the comment, and hit the teacher. If you thought Tinder was a sign of a dating apocalypse in the digital age, just wait until you hear about Smell Dating.Legitimate or not, the project is centered around the idea that smell is one of our most evocative, intimate senses.Related: founders back Mint, a dating app that doesn’t rely on matches for messaging Supposedly, using your nose to assess potential partners is a more natural, intuitive process than other contemporary dating options.“At Smell Dating we understand the metrics of compatibility are chemical; connection is a matter of intercourse not interface.