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Brady calls John for help while Roman questions Chloe. Brady manages to get away and hitch-hikes, ending up face to face with a rattlesnake. Chloe enters the hospital to get help, but Brady leaves on her bike. John takes Brady to a motel but the police find out and storm in. They hide from Roman and Abe, then Chloe takes Brady to the hospital on her bike.

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Unless otherwise specified the edits are made from 1st generation (original) NTSC EP tapes. Shawn and Belle visit Brady and find Jennifer there too. She goes upstairs and puts superglue in Mimi's shampoo then heads to the hospital where she talks to Shawn while Belle is visiting Brady.

Philip apologizes to Chloe but then gets jealous again after finding out about what happened when Chloe took Brady to the hospital after the mugging. Chloe and Belle wrap up Christmas presents at school.

She gives Brady the bear he had given to her while in the coma.

Edits of Brady and Chloe (as portrayed by Kyle Lowder and Nadia Bjorlin). They talk about the situation with Marlena and Brady. December 8th - December 20th 2000 Excellent quality - original episodes are from 1st generation SP tapes.

The edits contain all of Brady's scenes and all of Chloe's scenes, not just when they are together. Chloe screams when she finds a dead rat hanging in her locker. Chloe quickly regains composure and then takes the rat from the trash. There are a few crackles on the sound for some scenes. Craig talks to Brady about sports and tries to get him to open up.

The edits were made direct to DVD in the highest quality mode (each DVD runs for one hour). Chloe pins Jan to the ground and waves the rat in her face while Mimi watches from the bushes. Chloe storms in to talk to Craig, and Brady yells at her to leave.They are in NTSC format so can be played worldwide. Chloe and Craig talk in the hallway while Brady listens in. Chloe tells Belle that Brady was rude about her singing and Belle says they have a connection. John visits Brady at the hospital and Belle arrives. Philip falls for it and attacks Shawn in a jealous rage. Abe and Roman arrive and think that Brady has a real gun. John arrives and says to Abe "Why'd you kill my son? Philip watches Chloe through the window while Mimi, Jan and Jason make him think there is something going on between Chloe and Shawn. The teens all head to the hospital since Belle is now awake. The rattlesnake leaves and Brady comes across Duke's Diner where he plays 'cops and robbers' with some kids. November 28th - December 8th 2000 Excellent quality - original episodes are from 1st generation SP tapes. Chloe meets Shawn at dotcom and they talk about Brady.