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Chelsea – an artsy scene that’s home to the best independent art galleries in the city with over 100 exhibition spaces. East Village – a spirited neighborhood with vintage shops on every corner, dusk-til-dawn nightlife, and the best dive bars – especially the ones in and around Alphabet City.The also have numerous sports bars for catching any game and a great foodie scene.Gramercy/Flatiron – Two of the most architecturally beautiful neighborhoods.

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Greenwich Village – a big college student area with its proximity to NYU.

The area gave birth to musicians and artists such as Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac and some of the bars that they frequented still exist though the landscape of the neighborhood has changed drastically.

Plenty of bars and restaurants dot this area and it has a busy nighttime scene.

New York City is where every contradiction goes to seamlessly merge together in an almost unnatural sync that’s echoed in its protean neighborhoods, culturally varied residents, and its evolution and acceptance of new ‘normals’. There’s no point trying to get to the bottom of it because you can’t.

But doesn’t knowing that simple fact mean you do understand the core of New York?

It’s why locals have an unrelenting passion for it.It’s so much more than a check-off list of Times Square, art museums, and restaurants no local can actually afford.That’s why I’ve put together the most comprehensive post I’ve ever written.It’s a local’s guide to Manhattan that includes 150 of our favorite tourist hotspots and tips, off-the-beaten path attractions, places to play in the sun, unusual experiences, restaurants you’ve probably never heard of, and bars that will keep you up all night.While it’s impossible to include everything (trust me – editing this down was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do), just visiting a few of these places will show you a true slice of everyday life in New York City. If we want to go vintage shopping, we head to the East Village.When we don’t feel like dressing up but still want to dance til dawn at a low-key club, we head to the Lower East Side. While not the complete list of Manhattan neighborhoods, below is a quick summary of the main areas below 100th Street.