Russell crowe dating co star

Another week, another seven days of serious drama in celebsville.

He also won numerous awards for his portrayal of John F.

Nash in A Beautiful Mind and more recently played Javert in the film adaptation of Les Miserables.

Golshifteh Farahani was detained by authorities in her homeland in August (08) after making plans to visit Hollywood for a series of meetings with directors and casting agents. State news agency officials at IRNA claimed the 25-year-old did not obtain the necessary permit from the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in order to appear in the U. And she has been living in France with her husband since the incident, uncertain if the Iranian government will seize her documents upon her return to the country.

Based almost entirely on the fact that they "greeted each other like the oldest of friends" at the Governors Ball: “It was electric watching them flirt, it was the buzz of the ball.”However, despite the rumours, it's since been (obviously) revealed that the pair are just good friends - and, in fact, Samantha is apparently dating Matt Johnson, the host of Congratulations to Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Winston on their engagement!

Britney's little sister was quick to post a photograph of herself with her man and her brand-new rock, along with the message: "Guesssss what?????? Rumours are flying around about Kylie Jenner, little sister to Kim Kardashian, is dating Will Smith's son Jaden.

”We're loving the huge grins these two have pasted all over their faces - can't wait for the wedding photos! The famous teens have been spotted looking pretty cosy as they take in the sights of London together - and Kylie even made sure she was present for Jaden's performance at Justin Bieber's concert at the O2 Arena., it seems as if Kylie, like big sister Kim and her man Kanye West, fell in love with Jaden after being "friends forever." We guess we'll have to wait and see if the pair see fit to confirm the puppy love rumours...4.Justin Bieber's "girlfriend" pays tribute to him Nothing's been confirmed, but, being as Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke has been spotted leaving Justin Bieber's hotel room on a pretty regular basis, it's no wonder the pair are rumoured to be an item.And now Ella-Paige has decided to pay tribute to her is-he-or-isn't-he boyfriend by recording a cover song medley which includes Bieber's track As Long As You Love Me.We wonder if Ella-Paige's crooning cheered Bieber up after the recent backlash he's received from fans over his lateness at a recent O2 gig?'Robert Pattinson's Dreamy': Rita Ora Invites Kristen Stewart's Boyfriend To Australian Gig Rihanna Pulls A Justin Bieber?Australian actor Russell Crowe first hit the big time when he starred in the box office hit Gladiator in 2000, a role for which he won an Oscar.