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Insure compliance with company manuals and policies.• Make environmental integrity a priority each day.

Gauges and tests products at system entry, exit points or tankage/storage in coordination with customer/supplier representative.

Completes receipt or delivery records and maintains records of results for district reports.

Performs routine site activities such as adjusting flow or pressure and noting maintenance needs.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: • Make safety a top priority each day.

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But there’s something deep within me that keeps hope alive. It’s a blazing hot afternoon in Central Indiana and I only have a fleeting 30 minutes until the show my 2 younger sons have chosen, on Netflix, ends.I’ve bargained with them to let me nap in exchange for a show of their choosing. We don’t allow them to watch TV unbridled, at will. This job brought to you by e Quest Type: Full-Time Location: Williston, North Dakota Job Description: Job ID: 13188Position Description: Summary: This is a journey level nonexempt position and works under general supervision.• Monitor and troubleshoot Gain/Loss issues on the system, seeking fair volume assessments at all locations. • Keep company vehicles, field equipment, stations, and shop areas clean, serviced, and organized.•Inspect construction projects as needed and perform other duties as assigned.• Keep all paperwork and documentation required up to date and complete.