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A boy of eight who was mauled by a shark is recovering in hospital after a dramatic rescue operation.

The attack happened as Jessie was on a week-long Independence Day holiday in the 90f heat at a popular tourist trap called Fort Pickens, part of a water park called the Gulf Islands National Seashore, near Pensacola.

Like many of the 100 holidaymakers on the sands on Friday, he took a sunset dip and was only a few feet from the shore when the shark attacked.

Within seconds, Jessie's arm had been torn off and his leg gashed open.

His uncle and aunt desperately tried to resuscitate him until an ambulance arrived.

Tourist Guy Ogburn, 44, from Nashville, Tennessee, said: 'He was only a few feet from the beach when the attack happened.

'When I got to the boy his arm was off, and his leg was gashed wide open, but there was no blood coming from any of his wounds.'It looked like the shark had been feeding on him.' A helicopter flew Jessie to the Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, where surgeon Jack Tyson said: 'He was unconscious and had no pulse or blood pressure.His uncle carried him to shore, gave him heart massage and, as Jessie was flown to hospital, went back into the water and wrestled the 7ft bull shark to the shore.Next, a national park ranger shot the beached shark three times in the head to kill it.He used his police baton to prise the shark's mouth open and slit its throat so a lifeguard could retrieve the arm from down the shark's throat.The arm was immediately packed in ice and driven at speed to a hospital where three surgeons worked for 12 hours to stitch the arm back.