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So the James/Running combo has the same GUID for all James/Running combos...

I hope that made sense, let me elaborate: There is a table of tracking data for a quiz program where each row has..

Question ID and Answer ID (there is a table for each).

So because of a bug there were a bunch of Question IDs set to NULL, but the Question ID of a related Answer ID is in the Answers table.

So say Question ID is NULL and Answer ID is 500, if we go to the Answers table and find Answer ID 500 there is a column with the Question ID that should have been where the NULL value is.

There is a third empty column I want to populate based on the value of the first two columns.

I have a temp table that lets say has two already populated columns.What I want to do is create a guid (using NEWUID()) for each matching combo of col1 and col2.Here is a visual example: Lets say I have a temp table that looks like this initially: Notice how a new GUID is created for each matching pair.So basically I want to set each NULL Question ID to be equal to the Question ID found in the Answers table on the Answer row of the Answer ID that is in the trackings table (same row as the NULL Question ID that is being written). Having a problem with a similar situation in Php My Admin over My SQL.In my case, the source and destination columns are in the same table, but record selection is based on the other table.The "SELECT" version of the query works, but the UPDTATE statement throws a syntax error at "FROM"UPDATE Question Trackings SET Question ID = (SELECT Question ID FROM Answer Trackings WHERE Answer Trackings. Answer ID) WHERE Question ID IS NULL AND EXISTS(SELECT Question ID FROM Answer Trackings WHERE Answer Trackings. Answer ID) Often in a query like this, you need to qualify the WHERE clause with an EXISTS clause that contains the sub-query.