Tim tebow dating lucy pinder

Let's take a look at this prodigy's array of possibilities. When this photograph hit the newsstands, fans went into a frenzy with the rumors flying around that this was English model Lucy Pinder, Tim Tebow's new girlfriend.

While we have little information on this sexy acquaintance, we do see her hand subtly creeping around Tim Tebow's back.

Amidst the many women more than willing to be photographed with the holy quarterback, few were able to withstand his magical radiance.

Despite unspectacular clarity, this picture's female occupant seems quite familiar.

As he continues to tear through the hearts of opposing defenses with his unconventional, yet refreshing style of play, Tim Tebow yearns for that one woman who can make his journey complete.

A legend in Florida and a phenomenon in Denver, the former Heisman Trophy winner may be saving himself for marriage, but he hasn't scared off the sexy fans who shadow his every move.

Rarely bereft of a Kodak moment with bikini-clad diehards, the NFL's prized prospect continues to keep his love life a mystery.As we scope out the dirty details, fans are wondering which women have left their mark on his heart.Getting cozy at a bar in Gainesville, Florida when this shot was taken, this lovely lady seemed set to steal the heart of her illustrious acquaintance. From meeting Tim Tebow at the ESPY Awards to sitting in his family's press box during a Broncos game, prolific alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn seems closer to finding a rebound from ex-husband Thomas Vonn.While the sexy skier claims the two aren't currently dating, she seems intrigued about a future with the starting signal-caller.We may not have the name or occupation of this sexy acquaintance, or of the two comedians working their magic on the sideline, but she seems quite comfortable in the arms of Tim Tebow.His awkward attempt to garner their approval seems like a seventh-grade attempt at dancing with a girl for the first time.