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Independence Square is simultaneously a public space and a road: do not be alarmed by this ambiguity.

The thoroughfare cuts east-west separating the harbour from the town.

To its south, you’ll find the towers of the Port of Spain International Waterfront on Wrightson Road (which also snakes past the western end of Independence square: again, ambiguity): modern columns of government offices; our current home for parliament (while the Red House is under repair); a small dedicated lounging and entertainment area.

The cluster of skyscrapers along the south-western waterfront often attracts comment, but Port of Spain is not the first island city to choose to stack its offices vertically.

It is, nonetheless, an unusual sight in the Caribbean. Indeed, one can traverse more of the capital in a day than is suggested here: just ask anyone who has played mas on the city streets at Carnival.

As soon as you cross Wrightson Road, you are assailed by the town-ness of town: the signature every city has that makes it itself.In our case it’s a press of people, traffic, the sounds of vendors, taxi drivers and music, music, music.I want to encourage your users that it can happen for them.The Lopinot historical site is the main house of what was once a cocoa estate owned by a Frenchman. Each section is a selection of sights (and sites) that can be visited in a day.The wooden house sits nestled in beautiful gardens, surrounded by lush hills, with a lovely river nearby. Thank the Spanish for the grid system that defines downtown Port of Spain.Such features of urban design date back to the Romans, but this particular iteration predates Manhattan’s by several decades.