Tyra banks show teen dating violence epidemic

In February 2014, Ms Batty's son, Luke, was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of his father, Greg, when he murdered the 11-year-old at cricket practice in the outer Melbourne suburb of Tyabb.

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The presenter, 55, made a heartfelt on-air plea for the government to do more to stop the 'scourge' of family attacks, saying the country spends more fighting terrorism abroad than on 'domestic terror'.

During an interview with MP Christopher Pyne on Today, Ms Wilkinson said: 'The government is spending billions fighting terrorism abroad, but just $30million is allotted to fighting this domestic terror.

Ms Wilkinson said: 'And this is all happening against a backdrop of women's refuges being closed, as calls to the national crisis assistance line go unanswered due to lack of funding, and we rely on a system that turns women like Tara and her young daughter away, in their moment of greatest need.'While yet another man with a criminal history was allowed out on bail to kill mother-of-two Jodi Eaton, a woman has been shot dead at a Mc Donalds on the Gold Coast, and as we mourn the death of a NSW grandmother and her 7 year old grandson allegedly at the hands of her own son.'To see you lying there at the hospital really tore my heart out, I'm so grateful I got to be there with you last night to say my goodbyes just before you passed, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.All your family and friends miss you so much Tara 'I am so sorry this has happened,' a cousin, Samara Coulter, wrote online.'I don't know what to say or what to do but I will always be there for [Ms Brown's daughter who cannot be named] my princess forever'.'Well I don't think its helpful to demonise men in these circumstances I don't think its helpful to go around talking about an epidemic, when actually in Australia the domestic assault rate against women in a 12 month period is one percent,' he said.'A lot of Australians are asking how did [Batty's] tragedy where a lunatic drugged-out father sadly maliciously killed his own son, how's that morphed into a generalised campaign against all Australian men?' he said.'I'm worried that the domestic violence debate is being used as a Trojan horse to push left-wing feminist position, saying that we're a patriarchy, there's a demonisation of men here, if you listen to Rosie Batty.His comments on Triple M prompted furious backlash on social media, with hundreds labelling the radio station 'irresponsible' for posting the offending audio clip and giving him a platform for his 'hateful views'.