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If the Web query requires any parameters, you will enter them in subsequent dialogs. A small globe will spin in the status window at the lower right section of the screen.This indicates that Excel has initiated an HTTP connection and is retrieving the Web page for display. A great way for developers to get familiar with Web queries is to download the Microsoft Excel Web Query Connectivity Kit.

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By combining this feature with ASP, developers can create extremely powerful intranet and Internet Excel solutions.

To run a Web query inside Excel 97, go to the Data menu, click Get External Data, and select Run Web Query.

Select the Web query from the dialog box, and press Get Data.

Next, choose the cell that represents the top left corner of the Web query result.

Excel reads this simple, four-line file to determine which Web page to request.

In addition, the file instructs Excel about which data to pass to the Web page.Let's first examine the contents of a sample iqy: Line 1 and 2 are optional lines because WEB and 1 are the only options, respectively.By Bill Jeffries Too often, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are updated through the laborious and tedious process of manually importing data from an external data source--or, worse yet, by cutting and pasting.Excel 97 implements a powerful, yet underpublicized feature called Web queries to simplify this task.Web queries provide spreadsheets with the ability to update selected cells over an HTTP connection.By running a Web query, the user can circumvent manual data manipulation and make the spreadsheet update itself directly over the Web.