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“Currently, stores are designed to be points of sale rather than relationship building centers,” said Stores need to be redesigned aesthetically and digitally to be spaces that make clients feel special and inspires them to buy.” In-store solutions Store managers frequently find themselves off the sales floor as they work to fulfill organizational tasks in the back of the house, such as sorting inventory, generating reports and communicating with the corporate office.

This time they spend in their offices takes away from time they could be spending creating a relationship with customers.

In addition, sales associates may run into the back to open boxes, leaving them frazzled and potentially dirty when they return to meet clients on the sales floor.

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Bricks-and-mortar retail is still generally operating in an out-of-date fashion, creating obstacles for sales staff, according to the Luxury Institute.

The consultancy conducted a focus group with 40 store managers who oversee multi-brand, premium and luxury stores, and found that there are a number of improvements that companies could make to help their in-store staff be more productive and effective.From updating technology and CRM systems to reallocating employee resources, there is room for improvement that needs to begin at the top.Find the latest in mobile technology with Samsung today.Come and visit our stores, where you can witness innovative technology first hand.Visit our in store team who possess all the ‘know how’ today.We have turned our vision into reality with the new Gear VR, witness the endless possibilities with Oculus and go places you have never been to before.