Wes and johanna still dating

Danny is taken with Melinda, but she has a boyfriend.Johanna is taken with Danny, while Wes is crushing on Johanna.

This day we went to West Village and I have actually never been there. It looked a little bit like Londons brick houses and colorful doors (only uglier and less clean.) I got the feeling of it being more of a “young and hip” area with lots of students. Next time in New York I would like to explore upper east and around green park a bit more which I haven’t been in that much either. Detta var den enda dagen i New York det regnade när vi var där (det regnar tydligen en hel del därborta nu dock.) Men det var fortfarande varmt i luften och jag har ingenting emot lite regn på mina outfit bilder (Victoria vägrade dock fota i regn ;)) Men det är bättre än inget eller hur?

Denna dagen så var vi i West Village och jag har faktiskt aldrig varit där tidigare. Det var väldigt likt Londons tegelhus och färgglada dörrar bara det att det var fulare och inte lika prydligt, hehe.

Fick känslan av att det var mer ett “ungt och hippt” område med en massa studenter. Nästa gång jag är i New York så skulle jag vilja utforska upper east och omkring green park lite mer vilket jag inte har vart i sådär jättemycket heller.

For its 16th season, The Real World heads for Austin — and a heaping helping of Texas-sized drama.

"Don't Mess With Texas," the locals are fond of saying — and that goes double for this cast.

Shacked up in a tricked-out former warehouse in the heart of downtown, the new seven strangers explore Austin's legendary "Sixth Street" nightlife, which happens to be just around the corner from their house.With the usual blend of very different roommates — from a fraternity guy to a military vet to a self-described "wild child" — tension inevitably arises, as does romance.As the season progresses, an unexpected relationship between two castmates takes a shocking, life-changing turn.In the midst of all this, the roomies must plunge headlong into Austin's vibrant live music scene to learn to shoot, edit, and direct their own documentary on the South by Southwest Music Festival.Seven strangers arrive in Austin and embark upon their new journey.Wes, Nehemiah, Johanna, Rachel, Danny, Melinda, and Lacey all seem to mesh well at first and crushes are developed fast.