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Luminescence only works if sediment samples have been exposed to sufficient sunlight immediately prior to deposition to zero the OSL signal, e.g. Other depositional context, such as colluvial and slope deposits or glacial sediments may in certain circumstances be unsuitable or require different approached to OSL measurement.

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The SCIDR luminescence dating facility does undertake standard OSL dating of quartz rich sediments.

Additionally, where contexts/circumstances deem it necessary, e.g.

a bioturbated site, it is now possible to OSL date down at the single grain level.

If you are interested in getting material dated you are encouraged to contact the laboratory as we are happy to provide advice on luminescence sampling procedures, strategies to optimise the utility of dates and shipping requirements.

OSL dating results are provided in a report detailing the full procedures undertaken to measure the samples and the sample ages.

Through the use of multiple replicate measurements the report also details an assessment of the reliability of the data used to generate the ages and highlights any problems associated with the ages.We are happy to discuss dating results and have in the past contributed to technical reports, presentations and publications.For each sample a minimum of 300cm3 of quartz rich sand (90-250 μm) should be collected in a light-tight tube.As a few seconds exposure of sediment to sunlight drastically alters the OSL age of a sample great care should be taken at this stage.Samples should then be sent double wrapped clearly labelled with their sample code. In addition to this, with each sample should be a fully completed Submission Sheet, full details of the site stratigraphy including sample locations and finally to expedite payment please send a purchase order.Packages should be clearly marked "Inert geological samples for scientific analysis. We aim to achieve a sample turn-around within a maximum of three months from receipt of samples, although this may vary depending on the number and nature of samples being submitted.