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Mr Mills, who has kept in touch with Stacey ever since she left school and followed her career with interest, added: “It was great to see her again. I vår travle hverdag sliter vi med å få tiden til å strekke til. Denne filmen viser hvordan den digitale teknologien har fått fotfeste i moderne dating, et fenomen som har tatt verden med storm.

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Half the programme was spent running us through loads of old hat about how cocaine is made, from coca leaf to the final hydrochloride powder, with Dooley in full wide-eyed, -on-the-road mode.

As an interviewer, she delivered prize pearls such as “they try to avoid police detection – it is their aim” from the police about those who run jungle processing labs – like, duh! The truth, however, was that this wasn’t a programme for those with any interest in narcotics and drug culture.

- and a sequence wherein she wandered round an Amazonian jungle airstrip with her trolley-suitcase asking, “Are you winding me up? All it revealed in that department was the way Peru has replaced Colombia as a production hub, especially due to a refined new strain of coca leaf that can be grown in regions other than coca’s traditional mountain terrain.

So far, so Wikipedia - I’d never heard of her and was nonplussed when she popped up like a ditsy, toothy holiday rep fronting a travelogue programme investigating Peru’s ascension to the forefront of global cocaine production.

This hour-long show was the first of three specials about the international narcotics industry - the other two will concern the yaba (methamphetamine) epidemic in Thailand and drug trafficking out of the Ukraine.

The initial problem with Dooley was – how to put this?– why didn’t they put someone with a little more knowledge about the subject in charge?Stacey Dooley – who has helmed programmes for the CBBC children’s channel as well as hard-hitting exposes for BBC Three – was reunited with Whitehill Junior School head Steve Mills, who taught her when she was a pupil in Luton in 1996.He was delighted she managed to find a space in her busy diary to give a talk to Year 6 youngsters about journalism, the media and some of the topics she’s reported on for the BBC. They were so articulate and had a genuine understanding of some quite grown-up issues affecting people around the world. It was lovely to see Mr Mills again – it was a great gig!”Teacher Clare Bailey said: “Stacey was inspirational and it was fantastic to see her interact with the children.“It was refreshing to spend time with such a well-travelled, well-informed and down-to-earth person.