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He’s most known for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit show “Friends,” but now Matthew Perry will star in a new ABC comedy called “Mr Sunshine.” The series will debut on February 9 and features Perry as a character named Ben, a self absorbed manager of a San Diego sports arena called the Sunshine Center.Aside from the role, Matthew is the executive producer as well, and was recently asked if any of his “Friends” co-stars will join the cast in the future.We may never be getting that One Direction reunion, but apparently Harry Styles solo music will be well worth the sacrifice!

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The sighting comes just a few weeks after the adorable couple spent Easter together in El Lay. In the cute pics, Cox is seen greeting Johnny and celebrating his arrival with some sweet kisses.

Not to mention the smiles on their faces says all we need to know about their relationship status!

One can only guess Court is sticking to herplan which includes spending more time abroad.

For those who don't know, location was a big point of contention between the two and it subsequently led to the end of their engagement. Cox venturing out of Hollywood in an effort to make it work!

And according to Snow Patrol's Johnny Mc Daid, the British singer's upcoming solo music will "blow the socks off the world." Photo: Harry's Full Haircut Finally Revealed!

Describing Harry as "a really prolific artist and a super-talented guy," the musician explained to What breakup?On Tuesday, Courteney Cox and Johnny Mc Daid proved that not only are they back on as a couple, but that they are still totally in love with each other. In fact, the twosome were all smiles as the walked the red carpet at the BMI Pop Awards. Video: Which Courteney Cox and Johnny Mc Daid are 100% back together!On Thursday afternoon, the on-and-off again pair were spotted macking on each other in London's Heathrow airport.While we're not sure if the engagement is officially back on, it's clear these two are on the right path.We bet it's only a matter of time before we get even more good news about the pair![cast as of late despite being the one refusing to partake in any reunions, and now he's back to dash our dreams some more.